Have you ever tried a front clip harness?

Here’s a video of a front clip harness. These are our go to harness and we love walking dogs on them. As many of you already know we are always recommending this type to our clients. I’ve even left them for clients to try so they can see how much more control we have over the dogs on a harnesses vs a regular collar.  Not only do they allow us more control of your precious pup, but it also helps our walking companions to not pull us if they want to explore something or are just overly excited to be walking. It’s helps make it a better walking experience for all of us!

Harnesses are a great alternative to wearing a collar. There are a lot of options when choosing a harness for your dog, so you can still be stylish and let your dog’s personality shine through. If you haven’t thought of using one of these, maybe you might want to give a front clip harness a try.

Why do we think a harness is a better alternative to a collar? Here are just some of the “perks” you get with the harness:

  • A harness relieves pressure off the dog’s very sensitive neck. Even a dog who does not pull a lot might want to go explore something and a collar will push onto their windpipe when they try to go check out the new thing.
  • A harness gives you a lot more control over the dog while walking. While a collar is only on the neck, a harness is around the dog’s entire body – giving you a lot more control.
  • A properly fitted harness is also harder to escape from. Mind you, there are some Houdini dogs who can slip out of anything, most dogs are not able to. There’s nothing worse than a dog who slipped his collar and run for freedom!
  • Bonus, if you have a back clip harness depending on the type sometimes there is a metal ring in the front you can clip to turning that harness into a two in one!

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