At Heart 2 Heart Pet Care we take care of all types of pets. While our most popular services are for dog walking and cat sitting many clients are opting for small caged pets and they like the comforts of home too!

In our almost 9 years of providing pet sitting services we’ve taken care of:

  • Birds – McCaw, African Grey, Goffin Cockatoo, Pionus Parrot and many Cockatiels and Parakeets.
  • Aquariums – both fresh and salt water
  • Koi ponds
  • Lizards, snakes and turtles
  • Bunnies, squirrels, chinchillas, rats, gerbils and sugar gliders.

You can see we do the whole menagerie, well maybe not spiders (they scare me).

Besides caring for you pets we also bring in your paper and mail, open and close blinds, take garbage and recycling to the curb.  We give your home that lived in look. We’ve also saved many a garden during the summer!

We’re here for all your pet care needs, dog walking, cat sitting and overnight pet care services.  Ready to sign up? Please visit our scheduling page, it’s easy and online or if you have questions I’m always happy to chat 206.265.0471. – Kim